ARROW always cares quality first. We mainly provide container flooring plywood,corten steel panels for container body,supporting frame rails,container door locking parts,gasket rubber and so on,all our container plywood and spare parts are certified with competitive price,any demand,welcome to inquiry at any time!


ARROW container plywood & parts Corp(ARROW) is North China biggest manufacturing factory for container flooring plywood since year 2002. we are equipped with 10 modern production lines with 

production capacity of 9000cbm container plywood per month.

ARROW cares quality always first. All container floorboards are made by legally cut wood materials 

qualified by FSC.All our container floorboards meet IICL standard, AQIS standard as well as passing Maersk Quick Load Test.

Thanks to ARROW good reputation in container industry and with our dear clients’ demands, from 

year 2005,we invested one more factory manufacturing container body parts with steel consumption 

of at least 300tons per month.

Meanwhile we have our own closely working vendor partners who support ARROW to supply 100% 

full range of container spare parts(container accessories/ container consumables) from corner 

castings,door gear parts,twist locks, reefer unit parts till small pieced container accessories like 


Reasonable low price, top quality with certificates, fast lead time, flexible saving delivery solution, 24/7 worry free service




The comprehensive competitiveness of China's shipbuilding industry ranks first in the world Date: 2024.06.14

specialist predicts that the trend of contract signing in the new shipbuilding market will continue this year. For the shipbuilding industry, this year is still a good year.


Rare shipping market: Shipping prices rise once every 48 hours Date: 2024.05.13

At present, the market competition for containers and shipping space is very fierce, the expected arrival time is also unstable, and the transportation cost is rising rapidly


Do you know the precautions about the use of reefer containers? Date: 2024.04.12

Pre-inspection test: Each reefer container should be inspected both reefer machinery and other reefer parts to ensure that the reefer container is clean, no spare parts and reefer consumables damage.  Here listed out the common parts which may be damanged and needed to be replaced ,including PVC FLANGE,KAZOO, AUTO DRAIN, KAZOO, DRAIN PLUGS,DOOR GASKET, PVC DOOR FRAME PROFILE,  AIR FLOW,T-FLOOR etc..  The reefer container that has passed the inspection shall be affixed with the inspection label.


Have you ever seen a full door gasket on a shipping container? Date: 2024.01.30

Container door gasket is an important tool for sealing containers, which plays a role in protecting the safety of goods. With the development of international trade, container transport has become one of the main modes of cargo transport, and container door gaskets have become an important link to ensure the safety of goods.


Do you know these benefits of container construction? Date: 2024.01.18

The flexible space use of container buildings conforms to the trend of modern personalized development, and also meets the special requirements of people for private customization in the new era.


How to maintain your Container Plywood and Accessories Date: 2023.12.18

By following these simple yet effective maintenance steps, you can ensure that container plywood and accessories remain in optimal condition, increasing their lifespan and reducing container maintenance costs. Proper maintenance not only contributes to the safe transportation of goods but is also a key element in improving business efficiency.



IICL CONTAINER PLYWOOD FLOORING --------------------What is the container plywood?


JUN. 2ND, 2021 would you want to know China supply history? Date: 2021.06.02

China grew its market share ever since and has been completely dominant for the past 15 years. every ocean shipping container in the world is built there in China. China factories now building more than 96% of the world's dry cargo containers and 100% of the world’s refrigerated containers.


Do you have demand of locking parts set and gasket for container building and repairing? Date: 2021.05.07

Container door locking parts and gasket was set at door side of container,They will be damaged with the door opening and closing, seawater corrosion,rain wash and long time sun exposure......