The important role of container door hinge


Container Hinge Feature Description: Accessories of each door hinge set include 1 hinge plate, 2 small lifting lugs and 1 stainless steel latch. Each container is equipped with 8 sets of hinges as standard, and each door is equipped with 4 sets, connecting the door panel and corner post.

Normally the size of hinge plate is 140x79x38mm, small lifting lug size is 50.5x27.5X8mm, and latch size is: 12X105mm.

The door hinge is the hinge part of the door panel. The container hinge is originally a rotating part to open and close the container door, and the design of the door hinge is more important. Its security and anti-theft functions are combined with the hinge. There are also lifting lugs and stainless steel latches. Due to the heavy weight of the door panels, in addition to the hinge brackets, they must also have high strength and basic requirements to ensure flexible rotation. To prevent latch removal and illegal door removal behavior, the latch end is usually secured by welding the latch end to the hinge plate.

The container hinge is suitable for all kinds of standard containers, including ordinary dry cargo containers, reefer containers, collapsible containers, open containers, and can also be used in containers, logistics wagons, etc.

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