JUN. 2ND, 2021 would you want to know China supply history?


JUN. 2ND, 2021 would you want to know China supply history?

ARROW CONTAINER would 'd love share what we know to you:

in the 1990s,Container manufacturing migrated from South Korea to China. That was very much supported by the Chinese government.

China grew its market share ever since and has been completely dominant for the past 15 years. every ocean shipping container in the world is built there in China. China factories now building more than 96% of the world’s dry cargo containers and 100% of the world’s refrigerated containers.

In the first quarter of this year, the top three Chinese container builders accounted for 82% of global container production. China International Marine Containers (CIMC) produced 580,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), accounting for a market share of 42%; Dong Fang International Containers, 358,000 TEUs (26%); and CXIC Group 200,000 TEUs (14%). Market shares were similar in full-year 2020, when a total of 3.1 million TEUs were produced.

Why China No. 1 ?

1. China put all the technology and investment in container plants, paint shops and drying facilities, there is no other countries get to the same scale as China and have a competitive unit cost.

2. another advantage of building containers in China that’s particularly pivotal: lack of repositioning costs. The liners and the lessors don’t have to spend huge amounts of money repositioning those containers to areas of demand. China is where the cargoes are being produced.

3. China produces quality boxes at very competitive prices, that is also a main reason for being competitive in the world for many years.


in principle, now there have been enough containers in operation today to satisfy global trade demand. Under current COVID situation,The problem is that the containers are all in the wrong place, with all the congestion and the velocity of containers moving through the network being considerably slower.”

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