If your container corner fittings need repairing?


Corner fitting is also called corner casting which is very important parts of container, it not only is the key connection of container frame,and also vital continer part when lifting or moving the container,

So it is necessary to check and repair corner fitting/corner casting, so pls check,if your shipping container have below situation,you would take a action soon:

· Cracked,loose,torn,broken,missing corner fittings/ corner castings.

· Any deformation of the fitting that precludes or compromises full engagement of the securing or lifting of thefitting.

· Any deformation that alters the aperture size or shape such that at wistlock can not enter the corner fitting.

· Any deformation that reduces the amount of material in the load bearing are a of the twist lock.

· Any damage that affects the integrity of the cornerfitting welds to any adjacent component.

· Any damage that compromises the corner fitting strength in the load path between the twist lock bearing area,cornerpost, sideorendrail welds.

· Any attempted repair performed to the corner fitting other than replacement or re-welding to the adjacentcomponents.

If your container cornor fittings/ corner castings have above situation, pls no hesitate contact us for requst of new corner fitting to rebuit your container.

ARROW ISO standard corner casting/fitting