Rare shipping market: Shipping prices rise once every 48 hours


May is traditionally a slow season, but due to unexpected market conditions such as overbooking, scheduled voyage was postponed, and freight rates rising rapidly.many have described the current maritime market as "rare."The growth of the global freight market was most pronounced on routes to Europe and South America, where rates reached a two-year peak.

The conflict in the Red Sea disrupted shipping and affected European sea lanes. Since the end of 2023 ,Shipping costs and transit times have increased dramatically as the world's major shipping lines circumvent the Red Sea, bypassing Africa's "Cape of Good Hope" to avoid Houthi attacks.

Meanwhile, transportation costs are rising in South America. The main reason for the price increase in South America is that Brazil will impose import tariffs on new Chinese energy vehicles and plans to gradually increase the tariffs in three years. Several car companies are transporting large quantities. In addition, after the announcement of the US election, tariffs on China will be increased by 50% to 60%, so some Chinese companies will increase investment in South America and increase the price of South American routes.


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