The comprehensive competitiveness of China's shipbuilding industry ranks first in the world


On May 8, two high-end passenger rolling boats ordered by Swedish merchants from Jinling Shipyard in Weihai, Shandong Province, entered the late commissioning stage, with a total length of 194.7 meters, a width of 27.8 meters, and a draft of 6.5 meters, which can accommodate 1,400 people and a lane length of 2377 meters, of which 176 meters are for passenger cars.

The entire shipbuilding industry is currently in a high level of prosperity. According to the latest estimate from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, the completion of shipbuilding in China will be around 45 million deadweight tons in 2024, and the number of new orders will be around 55 million deadweight tons. specialist predicts that the trend of contract signing in the new shipbuilding market will continue this year. For the shipbuilding industry, this year is still a good year.


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