Do you really know reefer containers?


Reefer container is a special container specially designed to carry temperature-sensitive cargo at a specified low temperature. The reefer container is like a large freezer, and the operating temperature can usually be maintained in the range of -30°C to +30°C. As a result, you can easily use reefer containers to transport frozen, refrigerated or low-temperature goods.

There is a refrigeration unit at one end of the reefer container. When powered on, the device releases cool air inside the container. The airflow inside the container is maintained at the desired temperature, making the refrigerated container the perfect choice for storing food, medicines, plants and other temperature-controlled goods.

You must already know that refrigeration is the key to keeping temperatures low. However, there are several other functions that affect the normal operation of reefer containers:

Keep cold

The refrigeration unit delivers cold air through the reefer shipping container flooring. If you look closely, you can find grooves in the aluminium floor of the reefer container, also known as T-FLOOR. The T-FLOOR can continuously deliver cold air around the cargo.

Electricity is provided by a generator set

The role of the generator set is to supply power to the refrigeration unit and ensure its normal operation. Reefer containers are usually connected to the ship&apos's power supply. However, considering that extremely sensitive cargo may deteriorate when the temperature exceeds the appropriate range, a generator set is always available as a backup power source.

Ventilation is used to keep goods fresh

The point of a reefer container is to keep your cargo fresh. Fruits and vegetables release heat, water and carbon dioxide. If these gases are not removed, they can cause the goods to mature, age and taste stale under uncontrolled conditions, resulting in damage to the goods. Therefore, fresh air circulation should be maintained in the reefer container.

The drainage system discharges excess water

Reefer container with drainage system. In the case of standing water, the drain pipe in the container will discharge the waste water.

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