How to maintain your Container Plywood and Accessories


As a homeowner or business owner, you may have invested in a shipping container for storage or other purposes like container conventions, container sales etc. These sturdy, reliable containers can be a cost-effective solution for a variety of needs, but they do require regular container maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. Taking care of your shipping container is essential to protecting your investment and ensuring its longevity.

Here are 7 tips of how to best take care of your shipping container:

1. Regular Cleaning

Keeping containeflooring plywood clean is the foundation of container maintenance. Regular sweeping and wiping can prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear.

2. Waterproof Treatment

Container flooring plywood is susceptible to damage in humid environments. Use waterproof coatings or sealants to protect container plywood, preventing moisture penetration and slowing down the aging process of the container plywood.

3. Accessories Inspection

Regularly inspect the condition of container accessories, like side panels,roof panels, corner castings,door locks, hinges, etc. Ensure they are in good working order, replace worn-out accessories promptly to prevent issues during transportation.

4. Avoid Overloading

Properly control the weight of the cargo to avoid overloading, helping to reduce the burden on container flooring plywood and minimizing the risk of cracks.

5. Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Containers often travel through various environments, including high temperatures, humidity, or areas with harmful gases. In such cases, anti-corrosion treatment is crucial to effectively prevent the rotting of container plywood and accessories.

6. Regular Lubrication

Container parts such as door hinges and locking gear parts need regular lubrication to ensure their flexibility and normal operation. Use suitable lubricants to prevent parts from rusting and failing.

7. Maintain Ventilation

Ventilation inside the container is also crucial for container plywood and accessories. Ensure goods are arranged orderly, leaving enough space to promote air circulation, reducing moisture accumulation.