Small Parts, Great Achievements!----------part 2 locking parts and flooring screws


As we know, there are many small parts play vital role in container repair and maintenance.

Besides rivets last article mentioned,

the door lock accessories and plywood screw are also very important container spare parts for container repair and maintenance.


Standard set locking parts contain two cams, two keepers, four anti-rack rings, two BBL with split bush, one BBS with split bush, one handle hub, one rivet, one handle, one bush, one retainer catch, one retainer plate, one locking rod. 

for container locking and opening, it demands those parts to keep mutual cooperation, none is dispensable.


Meanwhile, the container flooring board is the main body parts for container,

but if the container flooring plywood want to work well, the screws give the best insurance,


currently we have floor tapping screw with fillips head and club head in various sizes.

M6X50,M8X50,M8X65 are mostly ordered by customers.

We could also customized other size floor tapping screw with customers request!