Container corner - container can not be ignored parts


Container corner casting is also known as box corners, hanging corners, mainly used in each corner of the container, each corner size is insignificant compared with the huge box, but its function in practical applications can not be ignored. Some people even say that the core of the container itself is the corner piece, without it, it will be difficult to operate; The essence of the corner piece is the opening on it, without which it is difficult to securely handle the container.

The concept of container corner casting is clever and practical, and it plays a key role in the lifting, handling, fixing, stacking and fastening operations of containers. In general, any force borne by the box is almost all transmitted through the container corner casting. As the outermost edge of the box, the container corner casting also plays a role in protecting the entire box, and once the container corner casting is damaged or broken, I am afraid that the container will have no "use".

The top hole of the corner casting of the container, the top hole is used for lifting the spinner turnlock, the lifting of the special box frame attached by other handling machinery, the top box interlocking card of the ship overtime or the stack square on the yard can also play the role of double head turnlock between the pile and the lower box. The difference between the bottom hole and the top hole is that the bottom hole in addition to the role of double head turning between the pile and the lower box, It can also play the role of the ship overtime or the vehicle on the turnlock box, the end hole is used for the box fastening operation, the function of the side hole is relatively large, in addition to the above role, it can also be used for the bottom corner of the box lifting operation.