Have you ever seen a full door gasket on a shipping container?


Container door gasket is an important tool for sealing containers, which plays a role in protecting the safety of goods. With the development of international trade, container transport has become one of the main modes of cargo transport, and container door gaskets have become an important link to ensure the safety of goods.

Its main function is to close the door of the container to prevent the loss, damage or theft of the goods during transportation. The container door gasket strip is usually installed on the edge of the container door, and forms a sealed space by closely combining with the container door frame to prevent external dust, moisture, and pests from entering the inside of the container.


The design and manufacture of container door gasket requires consideration of several factors. First of all, the container door gasket must have sufficient strength and durability to withstand the opening and closing of the container door and the vibration and shock during transportation. Secondly, container door gasket must have good sealing performance and can effectively prevent the intrusion of external substances. In addition, the container door gasket also needs to have certain waterproof, dustproof and insect-proof functions to protect the safety of the goods.

In actual use, container door gasket require frequent inspection and maintenance. Due to long-term use and the impact of the environment, the container door gasket may suffer from aging, damage or loosening, resulting in reduced sealing performance. Therefore, checking the status of the container door gasket regularly and replacing the damaged container door gasket in time is an important measure to ensure the safety of the goods.

In general, container door gasket play an important role in international trade. It not only protects the security of cargo, but also reduces the risk of cargo loss and theft, and improves the efficiency of cargo transportation. Therefore, for cargo transport enterprises and international trade participants, choosing the right container door gasket, and carrying out regular inspection and maintenance is an important part of ensuring the safety of goods.

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